Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is GO!GO!7188...

It's a Japanese rock trio with one of the most amazing lead singers I've ever heard. In this song she really goes to town.

A good friend of mine introduced me to this band. This isn't my favorite song of theirs. There's another really cool song that combines a traditional Japanese melody with hard rock guitar and drums... this particular friend of mine sings it whenever we do karaoke.

She's a good singer in her own right.

So here are my Rules for Doing Karaoke the Super-Gaijin '76 Way:

1) In deference to Puffy AmiYumi, pronounce it kah-rah-oh-kay. No stress on any syllable. Not "carry-oh-kee."
2) Everyone sings.
3) Do not complain about anyone's song choice. Your turn will come soon enough.
4) One song, then pass the mic.
5) Do not under any circumstances cancel another person's song unless they ask you to. This is grounds for an immediate ass-kicking.
6) Leave the room, lose your turn.
7) Applaud and cheer your friends' efforts.
8) Have fun!

As far as the songs you choose, that's up to you. I favor a mix of songs you can actualyl song along with songs that are nearly impossible. I can rock out on any Beatles song, most Nirvana, Pixies, Elvis Costello, Kinks, Clash, Paul Simon and Talking Heads.

Other recommended groups include J. Geils Band, Van Halen (my version of "Hot for Teacher" is a scorcher) and if I'm feeling it, Metallica.

Songs I'm not so good at but love to sing include "To Sir With Love" by Petula Clark, "Whole New World" from Aladdin (but only in a duet) and anything by either the Carpenters or Freddy Fender.

Songs I want to attempt in the future? "Moon River." That's up there on my list. I'd also like to work my way through the Dean Martin song catalog and see if I can't do something with "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton.

Trust me- you haven't been to karaoke until you've been there with me. It's performance art. Before I quit going with the other Nova teachers (it became like being locked in a broom closet with one hundred Ebola monkeys, only less fun) I was legendary for my table-sprawling, go-for-the-glory performances.

Rock star. With karaoke, everyone's a rock star. Everyone's in show business.

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