Sunday, October 5, 2014

Typhoon 18 has left the place a mess!

I just got to work after a short drive through a hurricane.  That's a bit dramatic.  The worst of the weather passed through earlier this morning while I was drawing a picture on my computer and by the time we left for work around 8am the day had resolved itself into just a drizzly mess.  A runny nose of a morning.  A little windy but nothing like the lashing we received before first light.  Leaves down, flower pots scattered on the sidewalks, large puddles mirroring the gray skies.

And I'm partially deaf right now, by the way.  My ears have shut themselves against the noisy world and my head feels like a slowly inflating balloon.  It's as if I just came down from altitude in a jetliner or off a mountain in a car.  Or walking.  Damned if I know what the kind of transportation I used would have to do with it.  There is pressure and I hear things muffled.  What sounds penetrate come from unexpected directions and have me in a state of constant distraction.  I'm not sure why.  Could be an atmospheric effect from the storm or it could be just some residual stuffiness from a cold I had recently.

We won't know until tonight and we watch the television news what damage the storm brought.  For now it's just an interesting way to begin our week.

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