Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday's Halloween parade in Kawasaki: Trick or treat

Trick or treat

Just a fun photo you should see.  It's Halloween week in Japan.  Yesterday we saw the same two Halloween-themed TV commercials a couple of dozen times.

Halloween's popularity seems to be surging this year.  I hope so.  Out of all the fun holidays I imagine Japan would do better than any other country, Halloween is the main one.  Much more so than Arbor Day or Take Your Kids to Work Day.  Japanese horror has a dream-like quality I find superior to that of my home country, and this is the place where some genius or group of geniuses invented cosplay.  Add in some of the frenetic qualities of Japan's homegrown local festivals and you're going to end up with something truly insane.  Halloween as it was meant to be.  A graveyard revel.  Death made kawaii.

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