Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You might want to go to this: First ever exhibition dedicated to Oasis coming to Tokyo

First ever exhibition dedicated to Oasis coming to Tokyo

I'm not an Oasis fan, but you might be.  Despite having split in 2009 (as far as I can tell), the band remains resiliently popular here in Japan.  Their songs pop up in TV commercials and the like.  I have students occasionally tell me Oasis is their favorite group.  I mean students who are into rock.  Most other students tell me they like vocaloids.  Or One Direction.

Anyway, despite my Oasis skepticism, there's no denying they were huge in their time.  If rock music can be said to be important, then the article makes a case for the importance of Oasis in its history.  "Landmark albums" and "era-defining two night stand at Knebworth House."  If you understand what that last phrase means, then you might be the audience for this exhibition.

None of this may be quite the stuff of the Ramones on their first UK tour, or the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, but this is what we had in the 1990s.  I'm interested to see they played Club Quattro in Shibuya way back in 1994.  Shoot, I was in a band then, too.  We played no place you ever heard of a couple of times and emptied it out with our beer-infused chaotic noise.   But I've been to Club Quattro a couple of times and, like Oasis, had some fun there.  Only in my case as a spectator.  And sober. 

If you're already an Oasis fan and you live in Japan, you need no such convincing to attend this exhibition.  But I'm going to suggest you go and check it out.  I'll be at the one for Puffy.

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