Thursday, July 31, 2014

Priceless comment at the end of this story: No. of reported stalking, domestic abuse cases in first half of year highest ever

No. of reported stalking, domestic abuse cases in first half of year highest ever

I think this is because women are reporting these more and I think they number of cases is actually much higher.  So what we're seeing isn't an increase in the amount of abuse that goes on-- any of that is too much-- but rather simply a sign that fewer Japanese women are willing to put up with this shit anymore.  I'd love to see a 1-to-1 ratio of cases to cases reported.  People will lose their minds when they see how widespread this is, and then we'll see society change for the better.

In my ideal world.  Where the police here actually get off their asses and do something when women report abuse and stalkers.  You know, other than call the person on his cellphone and ask him to come to the koban to talk about it, which gives him ample warning that he needs to go stab his object of desire or ownership to death.

My favorite part of this story is the comment at the bottom where someone insults all Japanese men by calling their social skills "abysmal," then opines the real problem is Japanese women are becoming less friendly and colder.  "Reporting stalking is good," he tells us.  "However, being stuck up and/or frigid is not."  Then he goes on to further explain we really need to be looking at women withholding sex if we want to understand this problem fully.  But despite telling us we should stop neglecting the role played by "female culpability" in stalking, he's not victim blaming.  No, because he tells us he's not.  But you're a male-hater if you think so, and that's why we have stalking, apparently.

I think we've found a new best friend for Richard Dawkins.

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