Monday, July 7, 2014

The newest, most annoying excuse for doing stupid, asinine things: Man arrested for pouring ink, ketchup into mailboxes

Man arrested for pouring ink, ketchup into mailboxes

And what did this arch-fiend, this master criminal, this rogue genius, tell the high-tech, multi-national taskforce that finally brought him to justice after a worldwide hunt?

"[He] told [the Science Patrol, Sherlock Holmes, Batman and Charlie's Angels] he poured the liquids into at least 13 mailboxes because it helped him forget his stress at work." 

This is the second crime this week where the suspect has confessed all and used the same excuse.  The first guy admitted to slashing seat covers on a local train line.  Stress relief, he said.  At least the jackass who uploaded a video of himself drowning a cat had a specific anti-feline agenda he was trying to promote.  These two boobs need to be locked in a cell together so they discuss ways of coping with work stress.

I have a lot of stress at my job, too, but I handle it the American way.  I suck it up and complain at home.  I read a book.  I write a short story.  I make a drawing.  I go hit some baseballs at the batting center.  I search the job ads.  I read stupid news and write smart ass blog entries about it.  Whatever happened to the grand old Japanese tradition of getting blotto, tying your tie around your forehead, and screaming out Blue Hearts at the karaoke box?  Joining the local festival and spending three days half-naked and drunk out of your mind?  Building intricately detailed Gundam models accurate down to the atomic level?  I guess that's not good enough for some people.  On the other hand, this country really could use the de-stigmatization of seeking professional help for mental problems.

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