Monday, July 28, 2014

Much respect: Actress/sexpert Aya Sugimoto founds organization for animal welfare

Actress/sexpert Aya Sugimoto founds organization for animal welfare

When I first read this story, I had Ms. Sugimoto confused with another famous Aya.  But no matter.  I admire her for being a sex guru, or "sexpert" (one of the few portmanteau I actually like), but her advocacy for animals really earns my respect.  I come from a family of animal lovers.  Well, on my mom's side.  We strongly believe in adopting.  Rescuing.  My mom rescued a perfectly miserable little wretch of a dog.  Blind in one eye, bottom jaw with teeth sticking out like someone flattened an old fashioned Coke bottle cap, his trembling body completely shaved because of a tick infestation.  Now that little guy lives with her and is at the peak of health and happiness.  His fur has grown back and he's social and friendly.  In return, he's really enriched her life by making her feel vital and necessary.  It gives her a purpose she badly needs.

So if you want a dog, please adopt.  Don't involve yourself with puppy mills and the like.  That goes for cats, as well.  The article and Ms. Sugimoto make it perfectly clear why, so I'm not going to preach.

We happen to live in a very dog-centric area.  Nearly every morning I run into a friendly older woman who walks two or three dogs.  She's not the only one.  I don't see many cats, but there are plenty of people who also take their dogs for outings here.  Few things make me as happy as the sight of a dog or two or three trotting along beside a proud parent.  One of those things that do is seeing a dog in a car.  Dogs love riding in cars or trucks, don't they?  The pure joy they express is contagious. 

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