Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Way to date yourself, pal!

American man arrested over theft of car with children in back seat

So police arrested this guy because he allegedly stole a car with two children in the back.  Since he has no job, no fixed address and no identification, he told the cops his name was Rad Dude Thompson.  Japan Today plays it safe by referring to him as "D. Thompson," but Asahi has no qualms and goes the full dude-ular way.

It's kind of weird when you think about a guy just three years younger than I am being here in Japan with no (visible) means of support.  Look for the phrase, "unemployed and of no fixed address."  You will find it almost exclusively in articles about arrests.  I've had productive friends kicked out when their visas expired even after they went through the whole process of renewal.  Some people have no regard for bureaucracy, it seems.  Also, if you happen to find yourself arrested, please give a fake name that's more up to date slang.

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