Sunday, June 1, 2014

At last, a slushy solution!

Here's a story from Japan TodayJust in time for summer, Asahi begins selling Mitsuya Cider served at a slushy -5℃.  This is a timely move by Asahi not only because summer is upon us-- and it's going to be blistering-- but also because my wife and I were just mutually bemoaning the lack of Slushies and Icees here in Japan.  There may be Slushie-, Slurpee- or Icee-like drinks available (and there's always kakigori), but, if there are, we haven't seen them.  Or we have and we're just not aware of it.

After watching a movie where a character buys a Slushie along with some pornography, my wife and I began reminiscing about very cold nearly-frozen drinks with Coke or cherry flavor you drink until they make your head hurt as if your brain suddenly decided to exit through one of your eye sockets.

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