Monday, June 16, 2014

3 arrested for tweaking Denny’s logo for sexual service company

3 arrested for tweaking Denny’s logo for sexual service company

Well, that's a shame.  It's a shame that these guys, who are so much more enterprising than that Akiba-kei-for-hire NEET fella, ended up in so much trouble.  But trademark infringement is serious business.  Even if you're handy at this kind of job, these kinds of rear entries into the market, no matter how stimulating, rarely result in happy endings.  Whatever position you take on sexual services, surely you can see companies like Denny's resorting to the use of some kind of protection, because if they open themselves wide for this kind of violation they can expect quite a pounding.  On the other hand, before things climaxed this way, perhaps the parties involved could have engaged in a rousing intercourse and consented to some kind of oral agreement of mutual benefit.  I can only hope now the alleged criminals will reach their release at the same time and have some time to reflect on what they have done.

Strangely enough, the wife and I ate at Denny's just this past weekend after having been regulars at Gusto and Joyfull restaurants.  They first sat us in the smoking section, after reassuring us at 11:30am the entire restaurant would be non-smoking.  We lasted just long enough to open the menus.  My nostrils filled with the sharp stink of burning tobacco and I swear I could even taste it on my lips.  She didn't feel much better and asked me if we should simply leave.  I told her that sounded good to me, but when we told the server, she found us a non-smoking table between a mother-daughter pair and a group of older women who decided to stare at me the entire time.  Well, I am quite striking.

Denny's has a lot of pancake desserts on their menu right now.  Pancakes in Japan aren't necessarily breakfast food, the way they are in the US.  They're more like desserts, or sweet snacks.  They did look tasty.  Seeing so many pancakes made my wife long for IHOP, one of her favorite places to eat when she lived abroad.  The rest of the menu, while very attractive, didn't feature much variety.  Lots of hamburger steaks and beef dishes, when I wanted chicken.  They didn't have the green noodles my wife loves, either.  One the other hand, what we ordered tasted very delicious and filled us up.  Right now it seems Joyfull is making an effort to expand their menu-- which is budget-priced compared to Denny's-- and they offer a drink bar.  Gusto does, too.  It will probably be a long time before we choose Denny's again.

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