Friday, January 31, 2014

This is getting out of hand: Flu epidemic warning issued for Tokyo metropolitan area

Flu epidemic warning issued for Tokyo metropolitan area

But it's no surprise.  When people get sick, they go to work, school or even their English conversation classes anyway.  Just wear a mask, use the "Air Doctor" and some of the hand sanitizer at the store entrance and continue spreading the flu far and wide.  On the other hand, I don't know too many people who take the precaution of getting the flu vaccination at the start of influenza season.  The vaccine doesn't guarantee you'll breeze through the cold weather months flu-free, but it works a lot better than any of the other methods people tend to rely on.  Which includes, as I said and I cannot stress enough, going about their daily grind despite being sick.

My wife and I got shots back in November.  As you know, I work at a school and she works at a daycare.  So we're around all kinds of fun viruses and bacteria daily.  I like to think we do pretty well.  We wash our hands when we come home at night and don't even hug or kiss until we've changed clothes.  We're both pretty paranoid about germs.  Which is another reason why I rarely talk about illness.  And yet I've been blogging up a storm on the topic lately, haven't I?

I'm longing for spring and simple seasonal allergies.  Spring is my time to suffer.  This year, I'm going to do something similar to my flu preparations and get on some kind of prescription medicine before the cedar pollen starts wafting about and irritating my immune system into attacking me despite my relative health.

In the meantime, avoid all human contact if possible.  Seal yourself in, adopt quarantine protocols and live off your emergency supplies until the authorities issue an all-clear bulletin.  Which should come any... day... now...

Transmission complete.

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