Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flu Watch '14!

This year's influenza outbreak just claimed a second class.  The first must stay home until Saturday, this one must wait it out until Monday.  Strangely, both cancelled classes are in the same grade. Or maybe not so strangely, since the kids tend to mingle and mix at times.  The other two grades are relatively healthy, one with only four flu victims, the other with just one.  What's kind of amusing is we've divided each class into groups working on speeches, but one of the groups only had two kids in school today and so they got a bit more coaching from me than their missing four teammates.

I guess if you happen to be one of the few healthy kids in either of these classes, you're sitting pretty right now.  Nothing to do but play Wii or Nintendo DS or whatever it is kids do these days.  It's got to be rough on their parents, though.  From my informal polling, our students prefer typhoon days to flu breaks.  Typhoon days tend to be more exciting, kind of like those rarer-than-rare snow days back home in south Georgia.  On a flu day, you're either one of the sick kids or you recently were one or you're getting ready to become one.

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