Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More twisters touch down in Kanto | The Japan Times

More twisters touch down in Kanto | The Japan Times

Our Tuesday English Club did a discussion activity based on the tornado that hit Saitama earlier in the week and here we go again.  The main photo in this latest article shows a flooded street in Nagoya, which is the next largest city to the west.  Practically our next-door neighbor.

We live up in the hills, so I don't think we have much danger of flooding here.  Last night you could smell the rain as it approached, that musty, wet odor that fills the nostrils.  Later, the rain fell hard, loudly banging on our roof.  It woke me and I groggily thought about leaks and the possibility of waking up in the morning to no electricity, but I wasn't worried enough to lose much sleep over it.

But more tornados?  Japan is becoming a lot like home to me in more than one way.

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