Monday, August 10, 2009

More Shizuoka Quake News

This morning's local earthquake caused the emergency shut-down of two nuclear reactors here in Shizuoka prefecture. It also prompted a concerned phone call from my boss' wife, which made me feel quite warm inside; I work for good people. According to the Wall Street Journal, this latest earthquake reached a magnitude of 6.6 and shook buildings as far away as Tokyo. Reuters reports Japanese authorities peg the quake as a 6.5. This time around things got scrambled and about 40 people suffered minor injuries, including a 5-year-old boy who had a TV fall on his foot.

Oh, and an electronics parts factory in nearby Kakegawa may have caught fire. But the true test of an earthquake's power is how it affects certain celebrities. Jessica Simpson felt today's rumble while in bed watching CNN (and understanding what exactly?), but there's no word on Beyonce's reaction.

This has been a very seismically active summer vacation for me. After Sunday night's quake and now this one, I'm thinking about moving to someplace on top of solid bedrock.

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