Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Must They Think of Such Things?

I just watched Little Miss Sunshine on Stars. Wow! Wonderful movie. I have to think about it a little more, but it absolutely pressed all my buttons for Things I Enjoy. And another thing I just enjoyed?

Well, there was a preview for the much reviled Wayans Family comedy Little Man, which may be one of the worst things humanity has ever produced. An artifact so foul, so thoroughly ugly and hateful it should be preserved for all eternity as a sort of anti-Sistine Chapel. Proof that in our human endeavors we can produce both the sublime and the Wayans Family comedy Little Man. Proof of the divine extremes our creativity can reach.

After clips of Marlon Wayans with his head grotesquely computer-imposed on a child's (or midget's) body, making crude sexual overtures that pass unnoticed by the oblivious women semi-involved and then a long... and I do mean long because they showed the entire scene... clip of Shawn Wayans getting hit in the nuts by a line-drive hit by Little Man himself, Stars cut to one of their hosts, a lovely young woman in fashionable attire, sitting in a chair in what appears to be a comfortably appointed living room for her reaction.

Which wasn't a grimace, exactly. And not a smile.

Just a wry screwing up of her lips followed by a noncommital "Hmmm..." as if she felt reluctant to let her true feelings be known. As if she wanted to warn the viewers Little Man is something to avoid as you might a particularly foul-smelling hobo walking around pantsless but she couldn't because of her job as a television presenter.

So just, "Hmmm... make up your own damn minds."

Usually they tell you a little about the movie in case you might have been intrigued and want to watch it. Not this time. Just "Hmmm..." and then they jumped right into the next clip (Casino Royale).


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jon wilson said...

i audibly snorted(uncontrollable laughter) during littlemisssunshine!