Friday, February 29, 2008

Kuriyama Chiaki...

People here sometimes ask me why I'm so into Kuriyama Chiaki (if they even know who she is, that is). The reason is when she's not doing this:

... she's doing this:

... and this:

The first clip is from Azumi 2: Death or Love starring Ueto Aya, and while the scene gets off to a slashingly gory start, its climax is a letdown. Far from one of the best sword battles I've seen. But it does illustrate one thing- Chiaki dies in just about every movie she's in. It's one of her trademarks. The next clips are Japanese TV commercials for Morinaga Aloe yogurt. These plastic squeeze packets are fairly commonplace here; go to any convenience store and you'll see them containing ice cream and Weider Fitness health drinks, too.

I have no idea what Morinaga Aloe yogurt does. Maybe it makes your skin as pretty as Kuriyama Chiaki's? Whatever its effect on the body, the singer of the upbeat jingle uses the Japanese pronunciation, "ah-RO-ay." Yeah yeah yeeeaaahhhh!

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