Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recipe site whips up English version | The Japan Times

Recipe site whips up English version | The Japan Times

This is good news for my household because we are a Cookpad loving couple, and, increasingly, I'm being asked to take up the burden of cooking.  Which I'm in favor of, only my cooking skills are pretty meager at the moment.  One thing I can do, however, is follow instructions.  I've looked up recipes online before, only to find myself flummoxed because the temperatures and stove-top assumptions are all written for the American audience.  English-language Cookpad would presumably help a great deal.

It's not enough to provide recipes.  You have to provide them written for a specific demographic in mind.  Japanese kitchens don't normally come equipped with ovens, for example.  As a result, people sometimes whip up cakes in rice cookers.  In our kitchen, we have a four-burner gas stove, a convection microwave oven and a small toaster oven.  While there are more than likely thousands of recipes possible using those devices, would-be cook novices like me need access to them.  I'm not smart enough to translate the complex chemistry involved in cooking delicious, un-burned meals from American-centric form into something usable in Japan.  I can take it the other way, however.

We'll be exploring the English-language Cookpad as it develops and evolves.  I hope it's here to stay.

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