Monday, April 19, 2010

Iceland's Volcano Strands Hundreds in Narita Airport

Wow, that's some volcano if its effects are reaching all the way across the world from Europe to Asia. There are rumors the Icelandic government plans to parachute Bjork into the volcano to calm it with her music, but while Bjork is impervious to temperatures beyond 1,160 degrees Celsius (2,120 degrees Fahrenheit), there's some concern as to whether or not the volcano will be able to hear her through the bulky breathing apparatus she must wear.

Meanwhile, I know it's no fun being stranded at an airport for days. Sakura Hotel & Hostel of Tokyo reports some of their guests from France have had to extend their stay; these are the lucky ones, because the Sakura people are just incredible and they plan a lot of activities for visitors. Even so, I know these weary travelers simply want to go home.

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