Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Go! Shinjuku:" a movie!

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This is movie number three of my series about Tokyo, one of the most vibrant, happening cities on earth. The basic theme is how much I love Tokyo. I'm not sure I could stand to live there with a job, but if I had my wish I'd keep an apartment there, one in New York, one in Italy somewhere, another on some tropical coast and just rotate all year long, two or three months at a time.

This movie takes you on a walking tour from a hotel in the heart of Kabuki-cho, Tokyo's notorious "red light district" and my Japanese home-away-from-home-away-from-home, to the south side of Shinjuku station as the sun goes down and the lights come on. A few neat things happened in the editing process, but my favorite has to be the way the waiting crowds suddenly explode into movement at the intersection outside Shinjuku station. Also the repeated images of people running. Just a thing that day, I suppose.

Kabuki-cho is sort of Tokyo's underworld and it embodies the contrasts of living in Japan. Futuristic one moment, poignant the next. Upbeat people shopping and dining and moving energetically, seemingly oblivious to the Dickensian presence of homeless people sleeping on hard concrete nearby.

PS- Enjoy the somewhat improved video quality of the new hosting site I'm trying out. Not too bad!

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