Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Go! Harajuku:" a movie!

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This is my newest short film/video, the latest of my audio-visual love letters to my favorite city on earth and some truly cool women. It was shot in Harajuku in August, 2008. Improving but still not particularly competent at moviemaking. Watch the JR staffer on the train platform at the end and you'll see something accidental that actually turns out a little magical. Things like that really help in the editing process.


Anonymous said...

Good film - I was able to follow the movie well because of the music selection. I have ADD so the music selection helps me stay focused on the film.

Next scene begins with you catching the next train at this train station and filming everyone on the train by walking the entire train. Your music selection is Crazy Train from Ozzy. Just let the film run and I will follow.

Later - Keep it Creel

Joel Bryan said...

Thanks, man! Those suggestions are pure gold. Pure gold!

shayne said...

Nice. I almost feel like I was there with you.