Saturday, July 12, 2008

Enjoying Fireworks is Easier with Friends: July 5, 2008

My friend wore a gorgeous navy blue and white yukata with a parasol print. She looked like she'd stepped right out of some Edo Period artwork. A lot of others wore more bright, candy-colored yukata with floral prints. Yellows and pinks and reds with green. Which is fine and cute, but I prefered this more elegant look.

If only the photographer had done her justice!

We watched the fireworks at someone's house, just off the water and not far from the Singing Bridge and the festival area. This house was huge by Japanese standards because it was not only living space but also had been their bakery shop (the ovens/factory were about a kilometer away but they've long since vanished). After they closed shop, they converted it into a living room. Upstairs is a fully-equipped English classroom.

It's quite a lovely home and they certainly made us feel welcome. In the former shop, which is now a comfortable space with nicknacks in cupboards, a low sofa and a carpeted floor, they'd laid out a massive spread of sushi, watermelon, oranges, cherries, beer and soft drinks and more. We sat on pillows around the food-covered coffeetable and I ate like a hobbit at his most rapacious. Yeah, I made a pig of myself.

After dinner, as the sun set and twilight came on, we took benches from the classroom out onto the railed roof, plus some beer on ice and enjoyed the sky-flower show.

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