Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here's Some Late Breaking Non-News...

I just this moment got a call from someone I know and there's the tiny-teensiest outside chance I might have a super-slight shot at an extremely low-level semi-career in Japanese comics, or maybe a freelance job or two. I have a contact here who knows a professional mangaka and she told her about my art and both the mangaka and her rep want to see what I've got.

I'll be honest- the rep part got my heart racing before common sense kicked in.

She told me there's a big comics fair in Tokyo in December, which I may not have enough money to go to, where various people are presenting their work. I guess if things are hopeful enough with this initial attempt, I'll try to get to it just to look around at least. The timing on this part isn't good.

I definitely do not want to oversell this at this point because I've done very little sequential work and even that's not only Western-format but also rough and unfinished... thumbnail stuff. I have some scripts which may even be a better tack to take, but regardless it's directly into a difficult wind, culturally and otherwise. Still, it's just a nice, practically Jungian coincidence (I just wrote a post about the either-or mentality versus Japanese comics in Western fandom and was re-reading it when she called).

Even if nothing comes of it other than, "You're good, kid, but not what we're looking for," it's still kinda fun to have piqued a pro's interest.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, but hold off on the celebrations or congratulations. Once again, it's just some very slight initial curiosity- perhaps even of the morbid type- more than anything else at this point.

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