Monday, May 14, 2007

Wow... we need a teacher... STAT!

The woman who was going to interview for the teaching job decided she wanted to stay with Nova. Which is fine... she's doing quite well for herself there. But it leaves out li'l school (and our wonderful students) in the lurch.

Because... my fellow teacher is taking off soon. I didn't know that until I told my boss about the interview cancellation and saw the stricken look on his face. This is serious business.

We have an ad on Craig's List, but so far the respondents have been mostly men. Sorry, boys. The man spot is already filled. We need a woman. I know that wouldn't fly back home in the U.S. but the simple fact is, our student body is largely female and they're more comfortable with at least one female teacher. Also, we're trying to create a nice balance for them. Yin and yang.

I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm not worrying about it because whatever will happen will whether I obsess over it or not. Also, it doesn't affect me all that much unless the school has to shut down.

I just feel for my bosses and our students. They're the ones who will get hurt in all of this. Sure, they'll recover. But to my bosses, this school is their baby. They want it to be the best and they want the students to feel secure within a positive, stable environment.

Obviously, not enough people read this blog for me to get any hopefuls commenting or requesting information. Dammit!


Audiovore said...

So your school has two teachers?

R said...

Well, I'd like to help out as your school sounds like a nice place to work, but I have the wrong set of genitals and am Australian. :-)

A pity, as I only live 10 minutes away by train.

Joel Bryan said...

Audiovore- Only two teachers. It's a small, family-oriented place.

Joel Bryan said...

R- Well, dammit. Other than those two things, it sounds like you'd have been perfect! said...

Lots of ALTs are leaving and transferring now, myself included. However I know one from Kosai that just took a job as a small private school teaching in Hamamatsu... might be you guys. Did you find anyone?