Thursday, May 10, 2007

Job in Hamamatsu, Anyone?

My boss told me yesterday that our school will soon be minus one teacher. Fortunately, it's not me. Unfortunately, my co-worker has decided to move back home for reasons that I won't go into here.

Which means we need a new teacher, stat!

Actually, we have a front-runner who can pretty much have the job if she's interested. One Nova teacher in particular came to mind so I emailed her immediately.


In the odd event she decides not to take it, the job will be available. Specifically, we're looking for a woman (sorry guys, but believe me it's for the students), preferably Canadian (my bosses love the Canadians and if I have to make a generalization, I tend to agree with them but anyone nice and professional who can speak clearly will get a fair consideration). College degree. Either in Japan now, or willing to relocate.

The hours are 1-9pm, Monday through Friday. Competitive pay, plus all national holidays. Golden Week off, two weeks vacation in August and at New Year's. Low stress, conscientious students, extremely kind and helpful employers. Accomodations will be arranged.

It may not be open for long (the person I suggested is probably interviewing Monday), but if you're interested then give me a comment and I'll let you know the status and give you some more information!

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