Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bird Flu Hits Japan...

In the Scary News Dept., I just read an online article at Japan Times about a poultry farm in Miyazaki Prefecture where chickens have been dying from one of the H5 strains of Avian flu. They're still trying to determine if it's a weaker form or the nasty H5N1 strain that kills people. According to the report, 750 chickens died there last week but it hasn't affected any humans so far.

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I'm thinking it's the weaker one, because in January 2006, a milder strain of H5 hit a poultry farm in Ibaraki Prefecture. And I can think of one person back in the United States who would've flipped out if he'd heard this news.

Believe me, Japanese officials will slam down on this with all their resources. So no worries.

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