Monday, January 7, 2013

Here comes Fred | The Japan Times Online

Here comes Fred | The Japan Times Online

Will Fred Segal be the next big import here in Japan?  I was there in Harajuku when Forever 21 landed.  Well, not at the moment.  But the same week.  Talk about lines and excitement.  Things had not even died down at the still brand new Harajuku H&M store, where you had to wait fifteen to thirty minutes to be let in with some other shoppers as a group as soon as the cashiers could clear enough sales to avoid violating Tokyo city fire safety ordinances.  And here was this more youthful and girly name brand hitting a nation where youthful, girly and name brand are practically synonyms.  My students in Hamamatsu were champing at the bit to hit those jam-packed clothing aisles.  I took photos of the throngs but didn't even try to go inside.

I'm far from an expert but I do follow the Japanese fashion trends as an interested amateur so I'll be checking in on this development.

Also worth checking out in that story are the "chocolate and strawberry" maid cafe uniforms designed by Keita Muruyama for @Home Cafe.  While I'm not a maid cafe fan-- I've been to exactly one and have no interest in visiting another-- even I have to admit I find these uniforms... well... delicious.

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