Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kyoto man, 115, now world's oldest | The Japan Times Online

Kyoto man, 115, now world's oldest | The Japan Times Online

Most of the news here in Japan is of a political nature these days.  We had an election this past Sunday and the LDP won big over the DPJ.  What does this mean?  It means a new prime minister on December 26th, namely Shinzo Abe, who was prime minister not too long ago and, like everyone since Junichiro Koizumi, stunk things up big time (scandals and suicides also wracked his administration) before resigning over "health issues."  But forget all that noise.

Longevity is the thing.  Can you imagine living long enough to become a centenarian?  Or living long enough to hold the record as world's oldest?  I've always wanted to be world's smartest, or world's richest, or world's sexiest, but I would definitely settle for someday succeeding another elder as world's oldest.  There's slightly more turnover at the top of the age game than there is at the top of the Japanese government so I doubt I'd hold the title very long.  Still, you can't get enough life.  I'd outlive even the sun if I could.

Jiroemon Kimura is a miracle.  I love his glasses and his smile. He attributes his long life to eating small portions of healthy foods "without likes or dislikes."

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