Friday, November 5, 2010

Wanna Work for Domino's in Japan? The Pay's Pretty Good!

A Reuters news story describes one of the promotions for Domino's Pizza's 25th anniversary celebration in Japan-- a part-time job that pays about $31,000USD for an hour's work! If you've ever been to Japan and had a chance to spend time in a residential neighborhood, you know how bewildering the tangle of streets can be. The numbering system for buildings is also confusing at first; I eventually caught on, but it took a dummy like me almost 6 years!

I couldn't imagine trying to deliver pizzas on one of those brightly-painted little pizza scooters to a Japanese house in say, Hirosawa-cho, Hamamatsu. It would be like driving along a noodle in a plate of spaghetti and trying to find a specific tomato.

Pay attention to the photo accompanying that story-- it's heartbreaking. I have no idea why they chose that particular photo. Yes, it's a Domino's, but it's not even in Japan. The Tokyo log line just under it could lead to confusion. Much like trying to find a residence in Hirosawa-cho!

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