Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rika's Bass Playing Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

This song has it all. Agata's counter-musical guitar attack, Yasuko's barked, high-speed vocals and one of Rika's most propulsive bass lines.

And here's a short live clip of the band playing it live at Shibuya's O-Nest, March 21, 2005:

I was at this show. Fantastic night. Enthusiastic bodies packed the venue and interior temperatures soared. MxBx opened for the Red Krayola, but after their set I went up the exterior steps-- since closed to the public-- for some fresh air and to gaze out over the Tokyo skyline. An infinity of city lights, some flickering, some blinking and some perfectly still punctuating the night like satellite transmissions made visible.


Anonymous said...

I also saw the band do this jam (in Florida) and I have never seen a group of lame hipsters lose their shit so hard. MxBx kills pussy music.

Joel Bryan said...

That's one of the best comments this blog has ever received! Thanks!

Omen said...
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