Saturday, February 6, 2010

Which Is Windier: Hamamatsu or Chicago?

Just after lunch today I encountered the single strongest gust of wind I've ever felt, and I've been in taifun. The wind was so powerful, it slowed my bicycle to where I was in danger of falling over; I struggled to pedal against it. An older couple on the street corner ahead leaned about sixty degrees into it to keep from being blown on their asses. Two girls on bicycles flew by, laughing and shouting at each other, neither bothering to pedal.

It was a wind strong enough to suck the breath right out of a person.

I'm not sure if we had snow flurries earlier this morning, but the ragged clouds flowing overhead like pale leaves caught in a sudden flood certainly looked snow-laden to me. The air smelled like snow. There was snow somewhere around... maybe a few miles away in the mountains. Maybe snow oni were riding those clouds towards them.

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