Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Linda Linda Linda"

This is the climactic scene from the 2005 movie Linda Linda Linda about a group of girls who learn a rock song to play at their school festival. What song do they learn? Take a wild guess. That's Maeda Aki on drums. You may remember her as Noriko- the nice girl- from the movie Battle Royale.


RAB said...

That's fantastic. I've never seen a film that captured so perfectly the moment of nerves and tension right before you start playing the first number. I just added the film to my Netflix queue on the basis of this alone. Thanks for sharing it!

(word verification: "neeez." Shades of Steve Gerber!)

Joel Bryan said...

RAB- Yep! Actually, by coincidence this movie came on later the same day I posted this and I got to watch it almost all the way through... very warm film. A serio-comic look at Japanese high school life and from what interaction I've had with high school students, much more naturalistic and "real" than anything I've seen up to this point.

RIP, Steve!

Joel Bryan said...

Oh... and weird trivia. The actress playing the guitarist? According to IMDB, her face is supposedly almost perfectly symmetrical. Measurements on both sides are equal. So much so some facial feature researcher guy wanted to do some studies on it.