Friday, October 26, 2007

Novastorm '07: The Bankruptcying

On a gray and storm-washed day here in Hamamatsu, a strange sight: the Nova branch where I invested 13 months of my life, the lights off, a sidewalk bare of its penants. No pink bunny, no children running in madcap circles around their mothers' legs by the Starbucks.

Nova filed for bankruptcy today and shut its doors pending reorganization. I'm not sure what's going on with the 2 friends of mine who still work there. One is married and has two children, the other is unmarried as far as I know and fancy-free to come and go as she might. I also have no idea what will become of the staff I knew (assuming any of them still work there after not having been paid since July), or the students who suffered through my lousy-ass lessons.

As for me, I'm weathering the typhoons (another one approaches us as I write this) and looking forward to blue skies and smooth sailing. My boss poked his head into my classroom this afternoon and said, "You are lucky!"

Don't I know it. I got out at just the right time. My heart said "Jump!" and for once my brain agreed, so I jumped.

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