Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Earthquake Hilarity from the Onion...

This week, the Onion ran a funny article about the recent quake in Niigata: "Earthquake Sets Japan Back to 2147."

Most of the Onion's photos are obviously faked or posed. This one may be one or the other, or it might be an actual, legitimate photo of Japanese teens. I've never seen anyone dressed like this exactly, but Japan is home to some creative fashion explorers, so it's entirely possible that somewhere this is an actual style.

And I've seen everything from rainbow beaded dreads in Harajuku to Pikachu pajamas on a rural train platform.

Their nonchalant expressions and aggressively cute clothing fit perfectly with the caption.

The background definitely looks legit. If you're curious about how people generally dress in Japan and can decipher the blurs, you'll see that people here- like people anywhere- are actually a whole lot more boring than the stereotype.

One thing I've enjoyed lately? The return of Hang 10 shirts. An older woman I teach on Mondays often wears a striped Hang 10 tee. I did a doubletake when I saw the famous embroidered bare feet. I mean, you don't want to stare at anyone's chest, so I couldn't be sure but eventually the image resolved itself and I knew. Also, another woman wore a Hang 10 polo this week and hers obviously sported the feet.

I'd almost forgotten Hang 10, but this label brings back a lot of memories of my 1970s childhood when I often wore the same damned Hang 10 t-shirt for days at a time.

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